Network Security

Affordable and customizable enterprise-level cybersecurity solutions for any business size

Large corporations have the advantage of dedicated cybersecurity professionals, both in-house and outsourced. Our high-powered state-of-the art hardware and integrated software provides a broad and deep computer network perimeter cybersecurity defense plan—that is dynamic, multi-layered, monitored and managed 24/7.

When new attacks and vulnerabilities are identified, this expert team responds quickly to keep digital assets secure.

Premium Next-Gen Firewall

A professionally configured firewall appliance with full United Threat Management (UTM) capability—matched to the speed of your Internet connection and the size of your network.

Gateway anti-virus and spyware filtering

Regularly updated as new threats emerge, while blocking malware at the network entrance before it can get inside.

Customizable content filtering

Offensive, dangerous websites or non-business-related content is blocked, limiting company liability and conserving bandwidth while enhancing productivity. Settings are completely customizable.

Deep packet inspection*

Deep packet inspection of all traffic. Our technology inspects every bit of data, no matter what the source—even encrypted traffic, a growing source of successful attacks.

Mobile VPN capabilities

If your employees work from remote locations, we can create secure connections when they access the company network and use company assets to be just as productive outside of the office.

24/7 365 service

We give you quick and easy access to our team of security engineers, either by phone or via your own customized service portal, where you can also view important information on how we are helping to protect what you value most.

Weekly reports

Emailed reports give you awareness and insight into how we are protecting your network—as well as making it more efficient—with information on blocked threats, who is using your internet service and what for.