Virtual Private Cloud

Virtual Private Cloud

Are you tired of setting up IT infrastructure in all your branch offices. Doing the same things all over again, hitting the same problems and paying the same large bills? You are actually looking for a click-and-go office deployment. No hassle, just functionality.

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We deliver

We deliver businesses like yours with fixed, all -inclusive monthly fee- based Virtual Private Cloud or Office-in-the-Cloud; if you like; service using the latest enterprise graded desktop and server virtualization technology. Our office-in-the-Cloud joins power and flexibility. Desktops, Servers and functionality are there to make any physical office IT obsolete.
With the our Office-in-the-Cloud your office IT becomes easy, flexible and cost-effective.

Functionality Included

With our Office-in-the-Cloud service you do not not only get a simple Infrastructure-as-a-Service platform. We go all the way!
We make sure you have the required servers to power your centralized applications as well as the right number of desktops to serve your employees. We basically setup your complete office in our Enterprise graded Cloud infrastructure.

All of this delivered for one fixed monthly fee!