Unified Communications Times 2

Stratus Concept provides you with a VoIP phone system for the way you work

By offering multiple VoIP platforms you offered the solution that best fits you work needs. 

Whether it is direct from Nextiva or Stratus Concept branded, you are not force-fitted into the prevailing offer.

No matter where you or your team is located

What you had –  A Desk Phone

You can still use a desk phone, conference room speaker phone, …  In some case you may be able to reuse your existing phones.

Collaborate from anywhere – Browser-based UC Client

• Calling – Your employees can make and take calls right from the UC Client interface unless your business requires them, there is no need to spend money or time on installing desk phones

• Voicemail – View and manage your voicemails from a single screen as well as view message transcriptions (with a transcription service)

• Enterprise Contacts – Access all of your enterprise contacts automatically, and add, edit, or delete contacts

• Meetings / Video – Schedule, manage, and conduct video meetings where participants can share screens and control meeting settings all from within UC Client

• Chat – Chat with other members of your organization with the click of a button

• SMS – Send and receive text messages to and from the web interface and the mobile app 

• History – See all of your activity across calls

Take your office with you – Mobile app

The Corenexa Mobile App allows users to utilize the Stratus Concept VOIP platform from their smartphones. Users can make and receive calls, check voicemail and perform basic system functions using the Corenexa app.


Integrate with Salesforce or Outlook via API

Download the current Terms and Conditions for the service