A VoIP phone system for the way you work

No matter where you or your team are located

What you had –  A Desk Phone

You can still use a desk phone, conference room speaker phone, …  In some case you may be able to reuse your existing phones.

Collaborate from anywhere – Desktop App

Conduct productive face-to-face meetings even when you can’t be in the same room using the Nextiva App, available for Office. Get complete mobile collaboration capabilities, including video conferencing and screen sharing.

Take your office with you – Mobile app

With the Nextiva mobile app, you can maintain seamless contact with your team from anywhere. Complete with messaging, chatrooms, broadcasting, and conference calls.


Integrate with your favorite apps. Nextiva Voice works well with the apps you already use.  Salesforce, Zoho, Office365,  GSuite…

Real-time analytics

Turn your calls into insight.  Get immediate access to all your call activity data and see your business (employee performance, impact of marketing activities, etc) clearer than ever – from employee performance to marketing campaign impact.