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Putting things into perspective. The number of US deaths in the Korean War 1950-1953 were 36,574. US death in the Vietnam War 1961-1975 were 58,209. In those 17 years the US lost 94,783 lives. In the last 3 months the US lost 95,807 lives to COVID-19

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Smokin'!! Ooh, somebody stop me!Download one of our five mask wearing signs for your business. ...

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Best Practices for Zoom and other Online meetings:
- Only share MeetingID with guests
- If you're taking photo shoots of the meeting attendees and sharing screen shots publicly, don't forget to crop off the MeetingID
- Require a password for all meetings
- Use a unique MeetingID for each meeting. This setting will also keep up-coming meeting attendees from joining when meetings run late.

For Zoom, In “Settings” set the following features:
-> Join before host: off
-> Screen sharing (unless required for meeting): host only
-> Require password: on
-> Allow host to put attendee on hold: on
-> Identify guest participants in the meeting webinar: on
-> Waiting room: on

Lake Zurich Area Chamber of Commerce Barrington Area Chamber of Commerce (BACC) Lake County Bar Association

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